Cell phone for children

For most Americans, that milestone comes at around age 10 , according to research by Influence Central.

Smartphone at Bedtime, Bad Idea for Kids

And we're not talking about basic phones - these are full-fledged smartphones, capable of accessing the internet, downloading apps and messaging. By the time they get their first cell phone, digital natives have probably had enough screen time to use it as effectively as - and, in some cases, more proficient than - their parents. But children roaming freely without supervision in the digital realm is concerning.

We want to protect them from explicit content, cyber-bullying and other web risks without sheltering them from mobile phones and other technology. Achieving the right balance takes a combination of common sense, awareness, open conversation and resourcefulness - as well as knowing what the right phones for kids are.

Keep those tips for keeping kids safe and happy when dealing with smart devices in mind. It's easy to feel pressured by children to get the latest and greatest toy, especially when that toy is a smartphone. But your children aren't at risk of becoming Luddites if they don't get a phone by age 10, no matter what they may think. Kids have access to computers and other digital technologies at school for educational purposes, often with key firewalls and content filters already in place. For those looking to ease their child into the digital world, consider a tablet, pre-loaded with parental control software.

- The Washington Post

If your main concern is having a way to communicate with a young child, a basic flip-phone with calling and texting is perfectly reasonable. It's easy to feel like the bad guy, particularly if your kids' friends already have smartphones.

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But your child's development, well-being, and safety are priorities above all else. Just remember: Even Bill Gates, who amassed a fortune on digital technology, said he didn't let his kids have cell phones until they were Our opinion? Wait until eighth grade at the earliest. When you do get your child a phone — or any device — safety step No. These conversations should:. Parents should also caution kids and teens against potentially risky behavior on the web. If they're using social media, encourage them to set their accounts to private and to avoid messaging with anyone other than friends and family.

A lot of this information will likely be reinforced during tech-safety seminars at school, but it's a conversation worth having with your children regardless of age. There are plenty of affordable, first-time devices that enable basic calling and texting with some add-on functions. Think of these as starter phones for kids who quite aren't ready for primetime.

The Cardinal Rule

This is one of the cheapest options for basic messaging and GPS with a very child-friendly interface. The new S version has a scheduler, so parents can manage bedtimes and switch the phone to emergency-only during school hours.

Cellphone Parenting

It also offers geofencing, which alerts you if your child leaves a certain area. This is a great first cell phone for kids under It can be used for basic calls and texts, and it plays music. It has a rear camera, but no selfie camera. It connects to the internet, though you can disable access by adjusting your data settings.

Nobody likes to have dinner with someone who is constantly on their phone. In fact, a popular reason to get kids their own phones is so the parents can bury their faces simultaneously. Smartphones destroy family conversation 6. We discussed some scary statistics from a recent study 7 :. We all know this is true.

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  4. Now for a brief interruption and a public service announcement. Earlier exposure so often leads to a lifelong addiction. Or simply too lazy to parent and letting the smartphone do it. If your child is using the internet without any sort of monitoring, please wake up! We personally use it on all of our devices, to keep everyone accountable. If you only take away one thing from this entire article, let it be about this point. Intentional parenting requires us as the parents to get involved in what our kids are doing. A teen living at home should get a certain amount of privacy, but not when it comes to electronic devices like this.

    Look at these scary statistics on how porn is poisoning the world. Again, I think children should get their own phone when they need one, not when they want one. And eventually there will be a good enough reason. Here were they key findings….


    Best Basic Phones for Kids

    I know you may want a specific age put on the decision. If there is no real need for a phone i. They still make plenty of basic flip phones. I know how prevalent inappropriate content is, and filtering services can be expensive, so a dumbphone seems like a great solution. Those recommendations are based on what the Child Mind Institute suggests I summarized their recommendations, and highlighted the most crucial pieces.

    Remember that you have the overall say when it comes to your child having a phone.

    When Should Your Kid Have Their Own Phone? A Real Conversation

    Kalen is the founder of Freedom Sprout. He helps parents raise money-smart kids. As a father of five, he believes children need financial literacy now to avoid financial struggles later. Read More Thank you for this article, it has given my husband and I lots of ideas to discuss with our children in regards to their desires for their own phones. If my daughter is 12 and she goes to school and back alone, should she have a phone? She is very responsible and never looks at screens , but she is telling me that all her friends have one and that she really wants one.

    I totally trust her. Should I get her one? I understand that she wants a smartphone. I think every year-old does. I would also suggest installing monitoring software so you can monitor what she views and who she talks to, if need be. I hope that helps! Go to any mall and watch the younger kids with their phones.

    My name is Paul. I am twelve years old. At age ten I was given a kindle fire.