Android x read text messages out loud

Once enabled, hover over anything you want to learn more details about and your phone will read text aloud.

How to Use the iPhone Text-to-Speech Feature

To project text-to-speech through a headset, simply connect your wired or Bluetooth headset to your phone and activate it before you select the text you want read aloud. You can ask your phone to speak the caller ID of anyone that calls you, in addition to whether or not your device will speak when the screen is off. Connect your headset to your device. If it is a Bluetooth set, you will need to enable Bluetooth functionality on your Android. Wired headsets will enable the moment they are plugged into the headphone jack of your device.

A Few Ways to Get it Done

Touch your screen to use the text-to-speech service, which reads descriptions of what you are hovering over. Google Text-to-Voice works fine reading anything, including text messages, but it won't read incoming text messages as they come in. With the same settings shown above, if I turn on Calls - Read caller info out loud, it will correctly read the caller info for incoming phone calls, but it still will NOT read text messages.

Have Google Read Text Messages to You [How-To]

I know I can install one of the many SMS Reader apps from Google Play some work with this phone, some don't but the apps are harder to turn on and off than just using one setting to turn the feature on and off when I want it. However, when it comes to have important messages, but we are not convenient to pick up the phone, we then may miss a lot.

Thus a hands-free and eyes-free app can be useful for those drivers. Once we have an app to read text messages out loud , the rate of traffic accidents will be surely reduced.

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From its name you can know it is designed to read text messages for car.